Hi all you Stickerville folks,

Due to the coronavirus situation, I'll be doing my level best to take the western swing workshops online.

Here's the plan. I have a nice video of me and guitarist Albanie Falletta playing the simple melodies for about a dozen western swing tunes. I have pdf and Finale charts for these tunes, and can send them to your email addresses.

I will also shoot solos demonstrating several swing improvisatory techniques over Albanie's rhythm guitar tracks.

The plan right now is to post the videos on YouTube and require you to put in a code in order to access them.

This is a work in progress and feel free to contact me at animalstasio@gmail.com for the latest.

The second aspect of the online workshops will be daily live Zoom sessions. I will host them and if you'd like invitations to them contact me via email. They will run from June 17th through June 21st starting at 3:00 PM Mountain Time.

All instruments, all levels welcome. We're going to learn some great western swing tunes and also cover a bunch of different topics, including:

Jazzing up and "beautifying" melodies and building improvisations over chords

The elusive swing eighth note feel and the power of syncopation

2, 3 and 4-part fiddle harmonization

Backing up vocalists

Left hand techniques hand position, vibrato, position shifting

Right hand techniques, leverage and Russian vs Franco-Belgian bow grips

Controlling bow direction, bowing patterns, Joe Venuti-style swing bowing, Nashville and Georgia shuffles, Texas breakdown bowing and more

It's anybody's guess whether I'll be able to hit all these topics, but rest assured that I'll try.

I can email you pdf and Finale sheet music for the basic melodies to a dozen western swing tunes. I'll also send you instructional material.

contact me at animalstasio@gmail.com

Paul Anastasio